About Me

Richard Reddy

I've been building websites for over 15 years. I started out hand coding static html websites for friends and family while I was still in secondary school. When I moved to college I fell in love with programming. I was drawn towards web development (VBScript at the time) as I loved the instant gratification I got from pressing F5 and seeing my creations come to life! Since then I've progressed a lot and now I build everything from websites to management systems and mobile apps all using the latest Microsoft technologies.

I'm also a keen world traveller and have been everywhere from San Francisco to Shanghai. As I've been travelling around I've made sure to take as many pictures as I can. If you're interested you can check them out over on my Flickr account.

When I'm not building websites or travelling the world I love to chill out by playing videogames, reading and running.

I'm always on the lookout to meet new people who are as passionate about web development as I am so feel free to drop me a mail or hit me up on Twitter for a chat.


Follow me online at TwitterFacebook or Flickr. If you want to get in touch with me try emailing me.

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