Web Developer Monthly - Oct 2018

Web Developer Monthly October 2018

Oct 2018




Welcome to another Web Developer Monthly. This month's edition contains some awesome JavaScript tips, great CSS tutorials and the odd bit of news from the .net frontend world to get your juices flowing. If you've spotted anything you'd like me to share for the next Web Developer Monthly let me know in the comments below or reach out to me on Twitter. Enjoy!

.Net, C#, CSS

Display pinned tabs on a separate line in Visual Studio

#FridayDevTip - display pinned tabs on a separate line in Visual Studio


One of the first things I do when setting up my Visual Studio environment is to set up pinned tabs so they display on a new line.

It helps to visually separate out your tabs and gives your unpinned tabs more screen real estate which can only be a good thing when working in large environments where you'd have 30-40+ tabs opened at a time.

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