StarTech USB 3 Dual Monitor Dock USB3SDOCKHD

StarTech USB 3 Dual Monitor Dock USB3SDOCKHD

In a previous post I mentioned how I was using the StarTech USB 3 Dual Monitor Dock to run 2 displays from my Macbook Air (which is running Windows 8).

Both of my monitors are 1080p 24" screens. One is a Samsung LCD display and one is a LG LED display. Both use HDMI to connect to a source. At present there does not appear to be any dual HDMI usb 3 docks out there. They all have 1 HDMI and 1 DVI slot so I had to purchase a HDMI to DVI connector on Amazon for about £5 to make sure I could hook up both monitors to the hub.

I've been using it this dock now for over a month so I thought I'd write a quick review for anyone interested.

System OutOfMemoryException Error using System.IO error message

If you ever see this exception error message it might be worth checking out that you're validating the files you're reading into your system to confirm that they are the correct file type. Wasted too much time on this error just now, oy!

.Net, C#

Don't go to Shanghai until you read first!

Going to Shanghai. You need to read

When I first visited Shanghai back in 2009 I was blown away. Making sense of this city can be a daunting process. There's so much to see and do that at first it can seem like an overwhelming task.

Luckily while I was in Shanghai with my family we were fortunate to have our own personal tour guide, my sister-in-law, Stephanie FitzGerald-Smith. I'd have to admit that without Stephanie we would have been a bit lost. Having someone who can haggle with the locals, take us to the right markets and recommend where to eat was worth its weight gold.

Using a Macbook Air laptop as an ASP.NET development machine

Current Development Setup

I was using an old Macbook Air (2010) as my ASP.NET web development machine since it was released in October 2010. Since the release of Visual Studio 2012 though it was feeling it's age and things were starting to slow down. Using Visual Studio along with ReSharper was a pretty bad experience on the machine. Opening projects and pages took around 10-30 secs.

I had a look around at actual Windows laptops to see what was on the market but nothing was really taking my fancy. The Macbook Air with it's SSD had spoilt me and the majority of PC laptops only had 256gb drive paired with 4gb RAM which was too low for my requirements.

Easiest way to use Twitter Bootstrap with your MVC project

TwitterBootStrapMVC for MVC4

At present there are a lot of Twitter Bootstrap nuget packages. Some of these include sample projects. Some of them are just the basic Bootstrap JavaScript and CSS files. Most of them are not setup to make it easy to write 'Bootstrap' HTML out of the box.

I recently came across a Bootstrap 3 MVC package called TwitterBootstrapMVC that really helps you get up and running with Bootstrap much faster than some of the other options out there. No need to remember the correct HTML to use or formatting required to output a navigation bar. Using the very intuitive TwitterBootstrapMVC helpers everything is simple. is now powered by Orchard now powered by Orchard CMS

I've been writing this blog since around 2008. Previously I was using to power my blog but lately I've been on the lookout for something a bit different.

I love Wordpress and the ease of use that brings, especially when upgrading or installing modules. At the time of writing there is no 'one click' install option for BlogEngine and updating the blog was becoming a chore with each release.

How to remove list styling for Orchard CMS blog posts, search results or list of articles

remove list styling from Orchard CMS posts

I've just begun my Orchard CMS journey and I'm loving it so far. The current version is 1.7 as I write this and it's a fantastic release. When I was implementing the design on this blog I ran into an issue where my blog posts, search results and pages with lists were all outputing html list styling.

For the most part making my own custom templates seemed to work but some pages cannot be customised it would seem. So how do you remove these list styling?

Stop Windows 8 turning off instead of going into sleep mode

Stop Windows 8 turning off instead of going into sleep mode

I recently bought a new laptop with Windows 8 on it and noticed that it was turning itself off if I wasn't using it for 20mins and it was plugged in. I had selected the Power Options so that I selected the option for the laptop to never go to sleep if the laptop was plugged in so I was confused why this was happening.

I knew the laptop was turning off rather than just going to sleep as my keyboard and mouse were not waking it up and the laptop was going through the boot sequence when I pressed the power button.

It turns out that Windows Hibernate was turned on by default and was overriding my default power options. Once I knew this it was easy to turn this feature off.


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